Rania Younis

International Model
Retouch Artist:
Alexandra Khrutskaya

Rebecca 2023 

Mery Berhane 2022 

Mimi BW Series 2022 

Marley Hein January 2022 

Jordan Pitts Summer 2021 

Emily Kay Summer 2021 

Bushi Swan Studio




I've always loved portraits - from hyperrealistic graphite drawings to digital art. So naturally, I gravitated toward portrait photography in recent years, progressing from my first camera - a Canon s95 to a Panasonic Lumix FZ1000. I now primarily shoot on my Sony Alpha 7riii with an 85 mmSony lens.

As for collaborations, I enjoy connecting with other creatives, putting together mood boards on Pinterest, and executing an idea during a shoot - while also keeping things spontaneous!



Ricercare (REE-chər-KAR-ay) is the Italian verb "to seek, to search out" as well as a form of musical composition dating back to the early baroque/late renaissance period (think Bach). It is a style thought to be a predecessor to the fugue, a repeating melodic and harmonic structure... I choose this name because it describes my creative process: a search for what is at once familiar and also full of variation and possibility. 

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